What happens during the registry signing?

YO-pen_regOne of the legal aspects of the wedding ceremony is the signing of the Marriage Licence and the Officiant’s Marriage Register. This signing, which takes place after the Officiant proclaims the couple married, confirms that the marriage has taken place and that the couple, the witnesses, and the Officiant have all performed their duties accordingly.

During the signing, the Officiant will first direct the couple where they should sign. The couple getting married have two places to sign: the Marriage Licence and the Marriage Register.  Next the witnesses each have three places they must sign: the Marriage Licence, the Marriage Register, and the Record of Solemnization. The witnesses must also write in their addresses in the Marriage Register. This whole process can take some time depending on whether the couple wants the photographer to capture the moment, and how long it takes for all the different individuals to fill in their signatures and addresses.

We usually tell couples that for the signing, they will need a small table and at least one chair. This way, the person who is signing can sit with enough support to be able to sign all the documents safely and legibly. It also looks great for photos: the person signing is sitting, while their newly married partner is standing in support behind them or beside them. For women who are wearing a dress that day, being seated during the signing ensures no wardrobe malfunctions while signing as well.

We also advise couples to consider having music playing during this time — either two average length songs or a long instrumental piece that can be faded out when the signing is over. If the couple has musicians, they can play a piece that can be repeated and ended naturally. The reason for having music during the signing is that no one is speaking at this time. The Officiant is directing the couple and the witnesses to sign. Music lets the guests know that the ceremony is still happening, but still fills what would otherwise be an awkward silence.


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