How do I get a marriage licence?


To get married by a registered Humanist Officiant in Ontario, you need to get a Marriage Licence. You can get this document from any city hall, town hall, or municipal office in Ontario. It does not have be issued from the city you are getting married in, or even the city you live in.

A Marriage Licence is valid for 90 days, so a good rule of thumb is to get the Licence within three months of your planned wedding date. Many municipal offices allow for ‘same-day’ expediency, in case you happen to forget or leave it to the last minute. In fact, at Toronto City Hall, has been known to issue a licence in 40 minutes!

According to Province of Ontario’s website, the requirements to obtain a Marriage Licence are:

Each municipal office can set the application fee at their discretion. It is always a good idea to check the city or town’s website before you submit your application, in case they have other requirements for obtaining a Marriage Licence (e.g. specific hours, make an appointment, etc.)

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