Booking Process

momcorsageBooking a date

If you decide you would like one of us to perform a ceremony for you, we require a deposit of half the ceremony fee to secure the date. Upon receiving the deposit, we will provide a package to help with your preparation for the ceremony. Once you have secured the date, we are available in person or by phone or email to discuss any aspects of your ceremony.

Meeting in person

Normally, we meet couples at least two or three weeks before their wedding ceremony to obtain the marriage licence from them, discuss the details of the wedding, finalize the wording of the ceremony, and have a small, informal rehearsal. A meeting enables us to get to know each other, and allows the couple establish confidence in the officiant who is a part of their special day. A formal rehearsal is possible but not usually necessary.

Obtaining your license

You can obtain a marriage license from any municipal office in Ontario. Your marriage license is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and can be used for marriage in any Ontario location. The following offices in the Halton or Peel region can provide your license:

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